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GIROGIO’ items are small pieces of wooden furniture, originally designed, handmade and sculpted.  They are unique pieces or part of a limited series, decorated  in the tradition of encausto (wax finished painting) silver and/or gold leaf coated. Each reflects original themes or themes coming from artists of the 1900s.



    -    Rotating table center pieces (Lazy Susans)

    -    Small tables (smoking or side tables) with rotating tops

    -    Small containers, either wall mounted or self-standing.

    -    Wooden tables

    -    Chest of drawers

    -    Lighting fixturess

    -    Chairs


    -    Framed paintings and decorative panels

    -    Anamorphosis

Rotating table center pieces (Lazy Susans)

Original design with traditional decorating techniques (wax finished painting, coating by silver and/or gold thin leaves)  When placed on a table, they can be used to distribute  food, drinks, dressings and dishes; when not in use, they  can be easily hung on the wall as a decoration.

Technical specifications

Material                           wood

Size                                 diameter 50, 54,78 cm or on request

Rotating mechanism       highly efficient, placed on ball bearings

Surfaces                          coated with hard varnish and capable of withstanding  frequent use..

Small tables (smoking or side tables) with rotating tops

These small round tables, with rotating tops, can be placed beside or between armchairs and sofas.

Suitable for cocktails, appetizers, tea or coffee services,  “antipasti” and so on.

They are designed as a response to changing habits of consumption: increased emphasis on details in the decoration of dishes and elegance in the presentation of food and drinks; informal and comfortable for viewing or  serving, provide a relaxing atmosphere for conversation and personal exchange.

Original design, traditional decoration techniques: wax finished painting, silver and/or gold leaf,  intarsia, “listratura” (precious wood leaf coats).

Technical Specifications

Material                     solid wood and/or  decorated wood (see above)

Size                           diameter  54, 78 cm or on request,  height 40-50 cm

Rotating                     mechanism: highly efficient, placed on ball bearings

Surfaces                    coated with hard varnish, capable of withstanding  frerquent use.


- Originally designed, hand made and sculpted in solid wood or  wood coated with thin layers of precious woods, some decorated with intarsia, encausto (wax finished paintings), silver and /or gold leaf. Carved wood legs.

- Glass top, with silver leaf decoration; metal legs.

- Rotating tops

Technical card

Material                      solid wood or  decorated wood (see above)

                                   glass and metal

Size                            round tables with diameter  120-180 cm or on request,  height 73 cm.

                                   square tables 120 -140 cm or on request.  height 73 cm.

Surfaces                     wax treated or coated with hard varnish, capable of withstanding frequent use.

Rotating mechanism  highly efficient based on ball bearings

Small wooden containers

Wall mounted or self-standing small containers, hand-made in sculpted and carved wood.

Solid wood or coated with thin layers of precious woods, decorated with intarsia, encausto (wax finished paintings) silver and /or gold leaf.

Suitable as containers for small precious objects  (perfumes, lotion, creams, small bottles and boxes, jewelry, etc.), they can be also used as consoles or night tables.

In any room, they fit with a variety of furnishing or styles.

Technical card

Material                   solid wood or  decorated wood (see above)

Size                         different, see images

Chest of drawers

Wood chest of drawers, painted or coated with painted paper. The images recreate figures and symbols inspired by ‘900 artists.

Technical card

Material               wood, decorated or coated with painted paper (see above)

Size                    80x48 cm or multiple,  height 70 cm  -   3 drawers or multiple


Double cable lights, 12 volts, energy efficient, colour rendering index 100.

Lengthy reach for lighting long rooms,  large tables or wide corners.

Originally designed lamps, hand made and sculpted, decorated with acrylic colours, silver, gold and /or copper leaf

Technical card

                              Double cable lights, 12 volts, toroidal or electronic transformer

Bulb                       Halogen spare bulbs,  colour rendering index 100, LED

Lamp materials      Forex, aluminium and wood, decorated with acrylic colours,  silver, gold and /or copper        



Anamorphosis is a particular kind of “trompe l’oeil” decoration for ceilings or walls, that gives the observer an illusory tridimensional view of a flat image that changes, depending on the perspective of the  viewer.

Dimensions and techniques depend on subject, location and size (upon request), and the perspective of the viewer.

For example, on a ceiling the artist can simulate a hole through which you can see a landscape, or, on a wall, the viewer can see a window or a niche from which sculpture or  figure jumps out. On the top of a flat table surface, the viewer can see a rising object or person.                                                                     

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